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One thing to remember is “ Nothing can be achieved without hardwork “

Life is a Race and everyone is trying to come first, so why not you be at the first. Humans have a mentality to look at the other person what they are doing and be satisfied that he is behind me so i am better, but did u everthink that there were people who were the best and Challenge the Best and not the person who is equal to you. For Ex Usian Bolt the worlds fastest man, if he would have been satisfied that he is first in the race then would he be able to beat the world record. The mindset has to change we need to go for the kill. Achieving the goal is one aspect but the path which has led to that is more fun.

Not everyone inherits a fortune they are just some lucky few, but you should always remember that what he/she gets is not important but how they are maintaining it is the most important. And there comes the Hard work.

We think that to achieve something hardwork is the most important and after getting there we just stop. That is not how it is done, if you stop working the way u used to and just sit and enjoy the sucess you will come back to the position you started from, in half the time you took to reach there.

Thats the most important aspect of life no one considers, For Ex: A Leopard kills a Deer by using up 90% of its energy, but after the kill if it takes rest without safeguarding the Kill there are a million scavengers(Hyenas, vultures . . etc) waiting for a chance to snatch the kill, so the Leopard just makes that extra effort and takes the kill up the tree and safeguards it there. And then takes some rest and enjoy’s the kill. The same way when you reach the goal you had set for yourself then dont sit back and enjoy but make it a point to safeguard your sucess.

Nature in every bit and corner gives you a lesson, its only a matter of where to look and how to look that makes the difference. Just the little extra effort by the Leopard has made it sucessfull in wading of the predators and helped it to sit and enjoy its sucess.

Another Aspect of  Hardwork is that it does not give an immediate result, You may enjoy the result of Hardwork either in a Day or it might take years to get it, but i assure you that you will get