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Changes in Life

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Life – an awesome experience which never lets you get bored as keeps throwing at you new stuff to enjoy and to feel sad for.

There was a small helpless little child who suddenly started seeing the light of Day and the darkness of the night  after being released from the heaven like prison in the womb of his/her mother.

He thought that after being released from the Prison he can enjoy the freedom but when he gave a look around there were huge ugly looking creatures staring down and talking all nonsense and making faces and i get confused wtf happened from the silent isolated neighborhood i am into this place with hairy creatures all around making wired sounds and faces and i dont know what they want from me.

I have to take whatever they do because i cannot do anything for myself now and take all this till i get back on my own legs.

After some days i realized that one creature without hair around its mouth is the one who cares more about me and responds positively to whatever i say. But i am jealous that she also cares about another creature with hair around his mouth. I am jealous of this man, whenever he comes she goes after him leaving me alone.

And after some years, i am thought that that lady is my Mother and that man is my Father and that they are the most important people in my life. And it is true i can make out that ” They devote their life to make me happy, and sacrifice many things to give me some happiness”

My life was going on happily until one day i was sent into this battle field where there were many like me, and some huge dreadful creatures(Teachers) both male and female. At the gate itself was a big scary looking guy with a stick in hand and a whistle in mouth gave a scary welcome, and i started thinking if the person at the gate is this scary what about the people inside.

Thinking of all the scary things inside, my grip of my dad’s trouser became firmer and he could feel it and took me in his arms and tried to divert my mind by talking and saying things. He was trying his best to give me confidence but i still dont understand why they are putting me through this. “I hate you people” is what i thought when we were having that dreaded wait in front of the Principals room.

All this was happening and i was helpless, i dont want it but cannot do anything about it.

Now i realize that you have to take whatever is thrown up at you by life and just enjoy the good things and turn the bad things into positive energy.

A famous saying goes like this  “Failures are the pillar stones of success” so everytime something goes the other way of what you expected just turn that into your positive energy.

So there will be many changes in life some helpful but many which are failures. It just depends on how you take it,  whether you  succumb to it or you stand against it and make it a positive sign for yourself.