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The Year 2009

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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2009 is now my past but one day back was my present, i can say it was a year which i would never wanna remember again.

It was a totally bad phase in life with nothing good to look upto, it stated with a bad note and ended at an even worse note.

But i am looking upto 2010 to be a bright shining star in my Dark life as of now.

I am sure even if it is not going to give me good stuff i have the will now to make it good.

I should thank 2009 in one manner as it has taught me the true essence of life, it gave me a view of what life is all about. It showed me that life is not just a walk in the park but it is about how you should be able to bear the thorns in between the sweet smelling and beautiful looking flowers in your path.

I also learnt that we should not take only one aspect of life as the whole, there are many aspects in life like there are many pillars to a building. And if one Pillar breaks we should look upto the other pillars to bear the weight and stand back up again. But not to break down due to loss of just one pillar “It is hard but thats the way life goes on”

The good things that happened to me:

  1. I learnt a new thing in life, how to take control of life and not let Life control me.
  2. I also learnt that Sorrow, Agony, Pain and Failures are the part and parcel of life, and that life is not just fun, enjoyment, and success.
  3. I learnt the importance of showing my love to others, and learnt that no one can understand how much you love them when you dont show it to them.

I dont want to speak about the bad things which happened to me, because i just want to put the past aside and  will try to carry on in life. By thinking of the pain and sorrow i am not going to get any where, i will end up digging up my own grave.

But the only thing i want to tell the Eternal being is:

Please stop taking my loved ones away from me, i have had enough of it. I cannot take it anymore. Because of the loss i am having in December year after year i am fearing the next December , expecting i might loose someone else again.