A friend who changed my life

Posted: January 5, 2010 in My Life

All these years in life i never thought that a person could have so much influence on my life. After the disastrous 2009 i was dejected of life and lost interest in every aspect of life.

I never thought i could bounce back from it so fast. Then in my life came a shooting star, shooting away all my pain and dejection away from my mind. It just cleaned me of all the dirt which was on my brain making me think all nonsense.

I just felt like a man in control of life when i talk to the person, i never before had a friend like this before. I got a whole new view of life, i am beginning to look at life in a whole different way.

It is like i am back from the dead, with the zombie look on my face slowly fading away due to this friend of mine always there to give me a makeover.

Life had become so boring with the same routine going on day after day and as if it was not enough me getting into some shit or the other all the time. It had become a habit for me to bear with the problems i had and i thought that ” chalo apni zindagi mein kuch acha nahi likha hai”, Most of the time i used to think that i was carrying Shani dev (God of Bad luck) on my shoulders and spreading bad luck where ever i go. I really never had confidence in me and the circumstances around me added fuel to the fire in my head.

But then i met this person who changed it all for me, now i am a changed person i look at life in a whole different way.


i used to think that life is just Dark clouds hovering above my head which will never go away from me, and follow me where ever i go.

But Now:

I look at the silver lining of the dark clouds which is made by the bright Sun shining away to glory behind these Dark clouds.

I am looking at conquering the hardships in life and look at the Bright blue sky behind them as a hope.

This drastic change in my approach to things is only due to this special person in my life who will be special to me all my life,

No matter what situation i am in or you are in,

no matter which country you are in or i am in,

No matter in what state you are or i am,

You will always be the special person in my life and have that special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

Love you “Neetu” for all that you have done to me knowingly or unknowingly you have brought out the inner me.


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